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About One Love Boat Tours

Captain Joseph and Wife Paula.

One Love Boat Tours by Captain Joseph is the premier choice for boating excursions in the South Coast. Meet the founder, the masterful and charming multi-lingual guide, Captain Joseph Brown. The captain is a native of the quiet, fishing village of Treasure Beach, south coast of Jamaica. Captain Joseph has been navigating the Treasure Beach waters for over 25 years. He is a friend of the sea, and the sea to him. Having survived adrift for two weeks at age 15, he understands first-hand that safety is key to every successful excursion. Captain Joseph communicates well in German, French, his native language, English and always makes his guests feel at home.

Captain Josephs the one and only best experience in treasure beach 10/10 highly recommended, the family was amazing can’t get enough of the food either every time I’m in treasure beach captain Josephs sea grape and his wife’s delicious Food has me coming again and again….Jai Mar, July 2020

We’ve been out with Joseph several times before while staying in Treasure Beach. 2 years ago he took us to the place where he was going to create a sit down dining experience – this year we got to experience it! And boy, even better than we imagined…Debs, Portland, Oregon, August 2020

A natural host, Captain Joseph offers a range of boat tours. These include his Kingfish cookout on a private beach (truly unique, we can’t recommend this highly enough), a trip to Pelican Bar (the now famous shanty shack built out in the middle of the sea), a tour up the Black River (home to crocodiles and other native species) plus other excursions, depending on the time of year and weather. Here’s some of what you can expect:We do pick-ups any were in jamaican but they would have to call capatain joseph wife Paula and staff – Chiston, Shamar and Freddy — ensure every guest experiences is an unforgettable excursion.